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Posted by disposablediva on 2005.04.30 at 21:07
I've put a new layout up, on my site. I'd appreciate any kind of input

aiy aiy


Posted by sjmonkey on 2005.03.30 at 20:28
Hi all! Flash hates me. Well, actualy I am just not finding the interface very intuitive for me. I was wondering if any of you have found any especialy helpfull Flash tutorials or guides online or know of any nice clear books on the topic. I am specificaly interested in Flash MX and MX 2004. I have a "SAMS teach yourself" guide right now but have not had the chance to crack it open yet due to my being lost under mounds of homework. Thanks!

Posted by karma_phala on 2005.03.28 at 14:06
Hi! I'm new to the community (as well as LJ), but I've been designing websites as a hobby for a couple of years.


Posted by disposablediva on 2005.03.27 at 23:33
Hi I'm new here. I love web design, and run my own site.
I just wanted to drop in a quick hello since I just joined :)

aiy aiy

Copyright info.

Posted by sjmonkey on 2005.03.17 at 19:39
Hi again, I was just wondering if anybody would be able to direct me towards resources on copyright and the web? This is a really important issue I feel I need thorough knowledge of, especially for web developers (as I hope to someday be). I was also wondering about how these rules work in different countries (I'm in Canada) so any information would be most appreciated! Thanks!

aiy aiy


Posted by sjmonkey on 2005.03.17 at 17:39
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Hello! I love the idea for this community :)

My name is Sara and I am new to Web Design. I just started this year as a student in a Web Development program. I had just finished a B.Sc and was looking to take some courses at my local college in Peterborough(Canada) to build up a portfolio so I could apply to an Industrial Design program in Toronto. I saw that my local college had just launched its new Web Development program and that the program was offering several design courses which I could use for my portfolio. I am quite enjoying the program and intend to stay and finish instead of going into Industrial Design.

This stuff keeps me out of trouble ;) I am currently learning about Javascripts, VB.NET, Flash, various Adobe and Macromedia software, and expanding my CSS (which needs massive improvement on my part!). I am interested in web standards, accessability for users living with special needs/disabilities, and learning new skills. Anyway, I am looking forward to sharing some knowledge, stories and puzzles!


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Posted by jemjabella on 2005.03.01 at 13:25
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I'm Jem; an IT student from Telford in the UK. Web design is both my biggest hobby and my chosen career path. I'm currently studying on a generic IT course (read = crap/easy/dull) to get a qualification to tell people I can do what I say I can. I have about 4-5 years web design experience which is all self taught. I'm a mad valid coding freak and get excited about cross-browser compatibility and accessibility. In other words, I'm a sad web obsessed geek with no life. ;)

I own Jemjabella.co.uk - it's a network for all of my subsites/etc. :) If anyone wants to leave feedback, feel free.

Love the idea for the community!



Posted by designminded on 2005.02.24 at 18:30
I hope you will find this community a useful and safe haven for gals who enjoy discussing everything about the web as well as design plus living a life of a web designer (as a hobbyist or a professional). Please introduce yourself and what do you do, plus any sites you own or do. Welcome abroad!

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