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Women Who Work the Web

Live, Sleep and Eat In Everything Web

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This LJ group is for web savvy girls everywhere who love the web and work in various web/tech jobs.
Welcome to the only community for large number of women and gals who work the web and discuss everything from design to programming for the web. Whether you're a novice or experienced designer, developer, programmer or just starting out, feel free to join our community, discuss and ask away. Keep in mind: keep topics on the subject of Internet, web standards, web development, web design, graphic/print design, Internet, technology (computers, gadgets, etc.), e-commerce, and mobile apps. The topics are nearly endless. By the way, men are welcome to join as long as respect is given and received.

A great place to network for ideas, tips, help with webpages or the Net, mobile apps, design ideas, possible jobs or potential projects. Keep this community clean -- no spam nor community ads! Profanity and person bashing are not allowed.